Sunday, April 28, 2013

Presenting the Class of 2013!

Here are the links to all the graduates from the Animation programs, class of 2013. It's a great group and I would gladly work with any of them again. Here they are in alphabetical order. Click on their name to see their most current work.

Commercial Animation (2D)

Manuel Baillard
Kelli Bort
Sadie Brown
Jake Clark
Simon Edwards
Tiel Fang
Lana Golin
John Guy
Jenny Han
Irene Huang
Aynsley King
Emily Lampson
Amy Le
Joanna Nowik
Iain Robbins
Elizabeth Sall
Desirae Salmark
Trista Townsend
Pat Waind
Becky Wedel
Christian White
Micaela Wong
Alex York

Digital Animation (3D)

Justin Baker

Viviani Barrera
Allegra Cheung

Patrick Clancy
Conrad Ford
Edmund Lai
Mike Lindsay
Geoff Rooney Campbell
Jeff Rosmer
Corey Sewell
Cory Tricker
Robin Wilson

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