Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Capilano University is a Megabyte sponsor of the amazing Spark Animation Conference and festival happening this weekend. We like to put our budget to good use and have provided weekend passes to the conference for all our animation students free of charge!  These are worth $200 per person but the amazing line up at Spark will be inspirational and our students should be there.

If you're not a CapU animation student, there's still time to buy the pass before the event this weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Presenting the Class of 2018 - 2D Animation & Visual Development!

Well, another year, another grad show! Here are links to the hard working graduates from the 2D Animation and Visual Development program.  You will find that they specialize in the following areas:
  • Animation - Flash and Harmony (with a strong foundation of 2D classical hand drawn animation)
  • Character and Prop Design
  • Layouts
  • Backgrounds
  • Illustration
  • Visual Development
  • Concept Art
  • Design
  • Storyboards
  • Character Builds (Flash and Harmony)

Links to the Class of 2018

Here are the CapU artists from the class of 2017!

The graduates of Capilano University`s 2D Animation & Visual Development diploma program have shown that hard work pays off and almost EVERY grad is out working in the industry in their areas of choice and proving that CapU is the place to go if you want to develop you skills and launch your career in animation. Here are the grads!

Click on the name to go to each person's portfolio site.

Kyu Ri      Lea    Renee   Katie   Tamsyn
   Monty   Justin   Anka   Daniel    Philippe   Rosie   Amber    
Hunter     Laura    Stuart   Hanna   Sarah    Julie   Jeo    Karli   
Lina    Jiaming    Ruby    Ivan    Eileen    Andrea    
William  Gaby   Chris    Dante   Sara   Topher   Lily   
Priyanka     Joshua     Shaun     Dilraj     
Jordan    Paul     Vanessa     Sarah   
Sophie     Alison     Dorothy

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Come to VanCAF this weekend if you're in Vancouver.  So many CapilanoU alumni are exhibiting!  

Here's the info:  

                           May 21-22 2016
 Sat. 10am-6pm                      Sun. 11am-5pm 
    181 Roundhouse Mews Vancouver, BC

              Below, are exhibitors who have graduated from the 2D animation program:

And two of the special guests of the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival will be:

Capilano University has the best facilities (and access to them) anywhere!  Each animation student has their own workstations, equipped with a traditional animation table and a 22" HD Wacom Cintiq on an Ergotron desk-mounted arm for easy and comfortable digital drawing. Students have almost unlimited access, day and night with their ID/key cards.  Unlike at many other schools, students do not have to give up their workstation for other students to's all theirs!  On more than one occasion, recruiters have visited and agreed that the set-up was better than in the actual studios!

To see an interview with the program coordinators of the 2D, 3D and VFX programs at Capilano University, go to Animation Career Review at this link:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tony Cliff (Class of 2002) and Delilah Dirk.

Tony Cliff is an animation artist, writer and illustrator who graduated from the 2D animation program at Capilano thirteen years ago with an amazing group of students including Jocelan (Hilton) Thiessen, Colin Jack, Sarah Airriess, David Chambers, Joel Carlson and Jeremy Tin.  Tony and Jocelan are also teaching design classes in the 2D Animation program this semester. Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling is the second book in the series.

DELILAH DIRK AND THE KING'S SHILLING is now serializing at! The first four pages are up now, and the rest of the first chapter will unfold every Wednesday for the next few months. Buckle your swashes!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Presenting the animation grads of the Class of 2015, our 19th year of graduates!

Click on the links to see their work:

Heather Arm

Ruth Baido

Bevin Brand

Rachel Brett

Chelsey Bueckert

Laura De Pascale

Anthony Edurese

Jay Henrey

Paige Irvine

Aaron Jacobson

Cory Keys

Nick Leong

Jasmine Li

Meagan Longley

Pearl Low

Benjamin Luckhart

Selena Marchetti

Jouchelle Miranda

Erika Schnellert

Morgan Shandro

Eben Sullivan

Ana-Marija ┼ávarc

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Grad Show - Class of 2015

Class of 2015 Animation and VFX Grad Show! 
Industry Night: April 24th 5-9PM 
Public: Saturday, April 25th Noon - 4PM
@ the Harbour Centre, 555 West Hastings, Vancouver BC

The show will be set up like an exhibit with students presenting their own work at stations. There are two, 2-year programs represented: 2D Animation and the Digital Visual Effects program. Our 3D animation program, formerly 8 months, is now a two year program and so we don't have 3D grads this year.

We welcome industry, the public and anyone interested in animation as a career to come out and see what you need to succeed in animation!

Portfolio links will be posted here after the grad show industry night.

Illustration: Aaron Jacobson, class of 2015, 2D Animation

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

CLASS OF 2014!
Here are links to the entire current graduating class.

Ramona Storyboard Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Rhi        Storyboard Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Karly        Layout Artist at DHX Media
Addison                 Background Artist at Titmouse Animation
Brittany     Layout/ Posing at DHX Media
Hailey        Layout/Posing Artist at DHX Media
Stephanie   Layout Artist at DHX Media
Alicia           Layout Artist at DHX Media
Nailya  unknown
Irish      Background Layout Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Tona    Layout/Posing en DHX Media
Katharine          Designer at Bardel Entertainment
Chenyang  Background Colour Artist at DHX Media
Hayley            Layout Artist at DHX Media
Seo-Yeon       Layout Artist at DHX Media
Vanessa             Background Colour Artist - Production Layout at DHX Media
Hailey   Animator at Titmouse Animation Vancouver
Gabe   Harmony animator at Bardel Entertainment
Anu    Junior Game Artist at Nerd Corps Entertainment

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cintiqs in the Classroom

Wacom USA came for a visit and made this video of the 1st year Animation class and how we use Cintiqs and a cool software called TV Paint ( to create classical animation without paper.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Grad Show 2014!

Graduates of the Animation and Visual Effects programs will be hosting an event in the Harbour Centre lobby, downtown Vancouver to showcase their talent and artistic works for friends, family and industry.

INDUSTRY NIGHT Friday April 25th
Representatives from local studios are welcome to attend this trade-show style event. Graduates will have their artwork and animation on display for viewing and critique. This is a great opportunity to recruit some of the best talent available.

Saturday April 26th 12-4 PM

for more info:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wacom Presents: Nik Ranieri and Cool New Tools for Artists!

If you are a fan of Wacom and the work of our special guest, 
former Disney supervising animator, Nik Ranieri, then you will definitely want to be present for this evening of fun and entertainment. 

We’ll be serving up drinks and fine food as well as an opportunity to play with Wacom’s new line of mobile Cintiq tablets and the Intuos Creative Stylus.  And to top the evening off, Nik Ranieri will deliver an animation presentation in the Bosa Centre’s theatre using the Cintiq Companion. 
We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, Feb 20 from 6-9PM

Bosa Centre for Film and Animation  

2055 Purcell Way 
North Vancouver, BC

limited seating, register today!

Nik Ranieri was the supervising animator of many of greatest characters including Hades (Hercules), Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast) and Kuzco/Llama (Emperor's New Groove). He is now working on a feature film being animated in Vancouver.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ron Diamond presents: The Animation Show of Shows @ CapU Nov 1

DigiBC is proud to bring you: The Animation Show of Shows
The Animation Show of Shows is a travelling selection of the years best animated short films, curated and presented by Ron Diamond, founder of Acme Filmworks. The show's mission is to bring exciting, groundbreaking animated short films to big screens around the world. In it's 15th year, the tour will stop in Vancouver - hosted by Capilano Unversity's Bosa Centre for Film and Animation.

Student Screening @ 5PM Nov 1.

Industry Screening @ 7PM Nov 1.

Featured Short Films
Next Door - Pete Docter // student // USA
Frannie's Christmas - Mike Mitchell // student // USA
Fun With Father - Chris Sanders // student // USA
Opening Titles // Acme Filmworls // USA
Get A Horse - Lauren MacMullan // Disney // USA
Gloria Victoria - Theodore Ushev // NFB // Canada
Bless You - David Barlowe-Krelina // Indie // Canada
Subconcious Password - Chris Landreth // NFB // Canada
Blue Umbrella - Sachka Unseld // Pixar // USA
Drunker Than A Skunk - Bill Plympton // Indie // USA
International Father's Day - Edmunds Jansons // Student // Latvia
Home Sweet Home - Alejandro Diaz // Student // France
My Mom is an Airplane - Yula Aronova // Indie // Russia
Madly in Love - Ikue Sugidono // Student // Japan
Nana Bobo - Andrea Cristofaro, Valentina Del Migilo, Francesco Nicolo Mereu, Lucas Wild do Vale // Students // Italy
Requiem for Romance - Jonathan Ng // Indie // Canada
Marcel, King of Tervuren - Tom Schroeder // Indie // USA
Ascension - CAroline Domergue, Florian Vecchione, Martin de Coudenhove, Thomas Bourdis // Students // France
Thank you to our event partners:
Annex Pro
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
Capilano Univesity

Friday, May 24, 2013

Here's what it's like in the Commercial Animation Program...

This is a documentary by filmmaker, Kendra Howland on the two year, classical animation and design program at Capilano University, North Vancouver Canada. The filmmaker, through interviews with faculty and students, attempts to show the spirit and enthusiasm that exists in this program. In a world of animation "factory" schools charging tens of thousands of dollars per year, the Commercial Animation program is a rare gem with a single vision: prepare students for successful animation careers. With only one intake of 24 students per year, and low tuition, this is the way animation schools used to be. The strong foundation that students get at CapU has lead to international success with students currently working at Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks and Pixar.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday, April 01, 2013

Commercial Animation Grads win Oscars!

Three grads from the Commercial Animation program were on film crews that won Academy Awards this year!  Clio Chiang and Sarah Airriess worked on Disney's Paperman (as Story Artists and Supervisor of 2D Line Animation respectively). Paperman won the Oscar for Best Animated Short.

Ben Anderson was one of two lead visual effects animators working on Life of Pi, which won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

Congratulations, Sarah, Ben and Clio!

Here are their links:
Clio Chiang 
Sarah Airriess  
Ben Anderson

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney's Club Penguin hiring

Disney's Club Penguin, located in Kelowna, is looking for an environmental artist with strong perspective and Flash skills.  Six month contract (for now).  We have a couple grads working there already.