Monday, April 16, 2018

Here are the CapU artists from the class of 2017!

The graduates of Capilano University`s 2D Animation & Visual Development diploma program have shown that hard work pays off and almost EVERY grad is out working in the industry in their areas of choice and proving that CapU is the place to go if you want to develop you skills and launch your career in animation. Here are the grads!

Click on the name to go to each person's portfolio site.

Kyu Ri      Lea    Renee   Katie   Tamsyn
   Monty   Justin   Anka   Daniel    Philippe   Rosie   Amber    
Hunter     Laura    Stuart   Hanna   Sarah    Julie   Jeo    Karli   
Lina    Jiaming    Ruby    Ivan    Eileen    Andrea    
William  Gaby   Chris    Dante   Sara   Topher   Lily   
Priyanka     Joshua     Shaun     Dilraj     
Jordan    Paul     Vanessa     Sarah   
Sophie     Alison     Dorothy

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