Wednesday, November 05, 2014

CLASS OF 2014!
Here are links to the entire current graduating class.

Ramona Storyboard Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Rhi        Storyboard Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Karly        Layout Artist at DHX Media
Addison                 Background Artist at Titmouse Animation
Brittany     Layout/ Posing at DHX Media
Hailey        Layout/Posing Artist at DHX Media
Stephanie   Layout Artist at DHX Media
Alicia           Layout Artist at DHX Media
Nailya  unknown
Irish      Background Layout Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Tona    Layout/Posing en DHX Media
Katharine          Designer at Bardel Entertainment
Chenyang  Background Colour Artist at DHX Media
Hayley            Layout Artist at DHX Media
Seo-Yeon       Layout Artist at DHX Media
Vanessa             Background Colour Artist - Production Layout at DHX Media
Hailey   Animator at Titmouse Animation Vancouver
Gabe   Harmony animator at Bardel Entertainment
Anu    Junior Game Artist at Nerd Corps Entertainment

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