Saturday, June 02, 2007


Invitation from Atomic Cartoons:

Thursday, June 7th, is Cartoonapalooza 8!!!!! **check out attachment**

Doors open at 7pm, at the Cellar, and you’ll all get tickets which get you in and get you a drink. We also have sake shooter girls who will be more than happy to give you shots of sake upon request!!

-8-8:30pm we have a 30min spot that will showcase some Anima and other Japanese styles of animation.

-8:30-9:15 we have the Boss Monsters performing followed by

-Radio One at 10pm

We also have prizes for the best dressed Japanese themed person(s) which can be anything from Karate kid, Geisha girl, ninja, ect ect ect….. So get creative and get your costumes on!

Let’s celebrate animation with the Vancouver world of animators, and please tell all the people in animation world that you know to join us as well!!

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