Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A local group is looking for portfolio submissions to crew an upcoming children's animated project. The style is geared towards  very young toddlers age 6 months  - 3 years ( see baby Einstein  as an example ). We are looking to create 25, 30 second shorts in this style  and are looking for people to fill the following positions.
Designer / Storyboard Artist
3D modeler (Softimage) / Generalist /
Animator ( Softimage)  / Generalist /
Each of the 3d digital positions are ideally suited to someone who can generalize and work independently, solving problems on their own. Characters will need rigging, but it will be very simple rigging, and I will be carrying the bulk of that load unless the right individual applies who can alleviate some of my workload.  Textures will be minimal and sets will likely use matte painting to extend the scene. 

Designers should be comfortable designing characters for use in 3d apps. 

The design and board positions will likely be contract based, on a per short basis, (with the length of contract for each short lasting around 2 - 3 weeks). Depending on your portfolio and time, we may ask you to contract out for multiple shorts.
We are looking at purchasing a couple with licenses of Softimage and the Adobe Suite for our remote CG artists.  If you have your own machine, this is a bonus..
The contracts are between  3 - 8 months, exact length to be determined once budget numbers are finalized. 

Contact me at Cap and I'll get you the contact info.  dperro

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