Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wacom Announces New Award for Cap Students!

A new, 24" HD Wacom Cintiq was awarded to Jenny Kong at the 2012 Capilano Animation Grad Show at Harbour Centre, Vancouver.  The award comes from WACOM USA and is awarded annually to the graduate exhibiting excellent leadership skills and of course, artistic talent.  Capilano strives to prepare students for life long careers in the animation industry and many of our grads become directors and supervisors. Leadership skills are an important quality of our grads.

Wacom also provided the department with a second 24HD Cintiq (value: $2700) and will continue to offer a Cintiq for at least the next five years. Although we still use paper, Cintiqs allow us to create hand drawn animation with the efficiency and control of the digital production pipeline.  Thanks to Douglas Little at Wacom, Washington for his support and vision.  Following is the criteria of what we think makes a leader:

Wacom Leadership Award
The recipient of this award will have demonstrated excellent artistic skills and will have demonstrated much of the following attributes of a leader:

Ø  Proactive not reactive

Ø  Team Builder

Ø  Encourager 

Ø  Empathetic and Supportive 

Ø  Accepts their responsibility; doesn’t blame others when things go wrong

Ø  Extends respect and is courteous at all times 

Ø  Promotes team members in external and internal circles

Ø  Listens more than speaks 

Ø  Makes timely and effective decisions 

Ø  Able to see the big picture 

Ø  Does not micro manage....delegates clearly and effectively

Ø  Demonstrates flexibility

Ø  Welcomes diversity

Ø  Communicates openly and honestly 

Ø  Ethical and honest

Ø  Confidant 

Ø  Accessible

Ø  Maintains self-control; remains calm in stressful situations

Ø  Does not demean or look down upon subordinates or talk about them behind their backs

Ø  Does not point out mistakes or errors made by a team member in public 

Ø  Leads by example 

Ø  Believes in constant learning and development 

Ø  Looks after the best interests of the team.

Ø  Helps team members reach their potential.